Governing Documents

These are the governing documents for our cluster association. They are the: Articles of Incorporation, the By-laws, and our Policy Book.

GCSA By-laws – These are the rules set forth in the Virginia Non-stock Corporation Act for our Cluster Association. The By-Laws are the governing regulations for the overall administration and management of our Cluster Association. The Bylaws are the rules for governance of our Association and are consistent with our Articles of Incorporation.

GCSA Policy Book – Internal Policy, developed, over time, by our Cluster Association’s Board of Directors. The Policy Book sets forth the internal governing policy for the administration and management of our Cluster Association. Our Policy Book contains the rules and regulations for the members of our Association. It provides general information to our members, and it contains guidelines and policies for Board actions. Our Policy book is consistent with the Bylaws and all applicable statutes and ordinances.

GCSA Articles of Incorporation – This is the State of Virginia document which established our Cluster Association. The Articles of Incorporation established the legal entity under which we operate. The Articles of Incorporation contain the information we provided to the State Corporation Commission as the basis for obtaining our corporate status. This is consistent with the Virginia Non-stock Corporation Act.

GCSA Map – This is a map of our community.

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