Disclosure Packet

Disclosure packets for Golf Course Square Cluster are available from:

East Coast Management & Consulting Services, Inc.
Ken Eiriksson
703-569-3799 Fax
As permitted by law, the Cluster charges a fee to cover the costs of preparing and delivering disclosure packets. The cost is currently $125.00 for an Electronic Copy or $150.00 for a Paper Copy.

The seller’s realtor should do this as a service so give your realtor Ken’s contact information.If you prefer to order the packet yourself, contact Ken. He will then provide the instructions, by email, for ordering the packet.

The fee is payable at settlement time unless settlement is more than 45 days after the disclosure packet is delivered. In that case, the fee is assessed to your account and billed to you. Payment would then be done in the same way as payment for the quarterly Cluster fees.

Plan on delivery of the disclosure packet taking up to 10 business days from the date of the order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reston Association also requires that potential buyers receive a Reston Association Disclosure Packet. Call Reston Association at 703-437-9580 for more information.  Or visit their website at www.reston.org/.

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